15 Ways to Save Energy in Everyday Life

15 Ways to Save Energy in Everyday Life

How to Save Your Electrical Energy Effective Everyday

Almost all daily activities require the use of electrical energy. Starting from smartphone to household furniture, they already use electrical energy for their operation. In fact, excessive use of electrical energy can damage the environment and make the use of electrical resources useless.

Practically, friends can save energy and get used to it while doing various activities. This will allow the supply of electrical energy to be used optimally without wasting it. Apart from that, energy-saving habits can of course also save on monthly bills. Let’s keep watching to find out how!

15 Ways to Save Energy in Everyday Life

What Should We Do to Save Electrical Energy

Some simple things to save energy you may have done unconsciously. If you have succeeded in changing your routine without realizing it, you can of course also do various other routines to save more energy. So, here are tips for what you should to do:

1. Using energy-saving lamps

How to save energy is a behavior that a person can get used to as a concrete manifestation of preserving the environment and not wasting electricity. The use of electricity is closely related to the use of lights. In Indonesia, the type of incandescent lamp is one of the lamps that is relatively wasteful of electricity.

Therefore, LED lamps are made which use more energy efficiently. The use of LED lights also emits bright, more natural light for room lighting, you know! Friends can also use fluorescent lamps as an alternative to using incandescent lamps. The room stays bright with a more efficient use of energy.

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2. Turn off the lights when they are not in use

Have you ever left a room with the light on? Unknowingly, friends may often leave the living room light on, even though friends are in the room. Even though they are aware, often a person feels lazy to turn off the lights. If you are used to it, friends can save more electricity usage at home, you know!

3. Drying clothes in the sun

Clothes dryers use quite a lot of electricity, you know. Therefore, it would be better if you dry your clothes directly in the sun. If the sun is hot, simply dry the clothes by drying the clothes using your hands. Besides being more energy efficient, clothes also won’t stretch quickly.

4. Using a refrigerator with environmentally friendly freon

Now, there are also many electronic equipment that utilize environmentally friendly technology for operation. Friends can choose a refrigerator that uses environmentally friendly freon so that its use is more energy efficient. Relax, the price of environmentally friendly goods is also affordable and there are already many types on the market.

5. Utilize natural lighting

Keep in mind that the lighting source is not just a lamp, you know. If you have a room with wide windows, you can use it for lighting during the day. Oh yes, natural lighting from sunlight is also beautiful for photographing objects or taking photos. So, no need to use additional lighting, deh.

6. Using public transportation facilities

The use of public transportation is also very helpful in saving energy, you know. If tens of people choose to use public transportation instead of using private vehicles, the use of tens of energy for vehicles can be more efficient. Not to mention, friends can also reduce vehicle waste pollution which is also harmful to the environment.

7. Using enough water

Who likes to linger in the bathroom? Well, this will use up more electricity and water, you know. Unknowingly, the electrical energy used will be wasted without anyone using it. Friends, you should also take a clean shower without having to let the water run for a long time without using it.

8. Don’t leave the smartphone charger overnight

Some electrical equipment at home does need to be charged, but it’s enough to charge the battery sufficiently, OK? Friends don’t need to leave electrical equipment such as smartphones, game consoles, or laptops all day long while they are being charged.

If the battery is full, unplug the cable from the smartphone so that the electric power is not wasted without a device charging the battery. Well, usually the cable is still left connected to the switch, make sure you have also removed it from the switch.

9. Using the air conditioning timer

Relax, friends can still use the air conditioner, really. However, friends can also choose environmentally friendly air conditioners. In addition, set the air conditioner timer to turn off when it is midnight and the air temperature is cooler. So, just use the air conditioner when needed, OK?

10. Wear clothes according to weather conditions

Apart from adjusting the air conditioning function, you can also adjust the clothes you wear, especially during indoor activities. When the weather is cold, use clothes that are rather thick so you don’t need to use heaters and vice versa, use thin clothes so you don’t need to use air conditioning.

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11. Utilizing alternative energy

The source of energy from fuel oil is a non-renewable resource. If you use it excessively, over time the energy source can run out, you know. Therefore, there are many alternative energy uses that you can use from renewable materials such as water, wind, and sunlight.

12. Cooking with enough water

When boiling vegetables or eggs, try to use the right amount of water. This will reduce cooking waste and speed up the process of heating water so that the use of electricity or gas will last longer. Both using electric and gas cookware, of course it requires energy right?

13. Maintain electrical equipment regularly

It is better for a friend to also service electrical equipment on a regular basis. This keeps electrical equipment functioning optimally and does not use excessive power. One example is the refrigerator and microwave which usually the freon part must be cleaned regularly so that the cooler can function optimally.

14. Utilize the smart device control function

Friends must often feel lazy to turn off electrical equipment at home ‘lan? However, now this routine can be done more easily because there is control from a smart device that can be connected to a smartphone. This will make it easier for you to turn off the power of electrical equipment that is not used.

15. Get used to saving energy habits

There are many things that can be done to save energy. However, the most important thing is to keep getting used to consistently apply it. In addition, friends also spread this habit to the smallest environment, namely family and friendship. If this is done on an ongoing basis, energy use will be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Well, now is the time for friends to start evaluating themselves by paying attention to small habits. If you have done it, maintain these habits consistently. Don’t forget to do other routines that are usually ignored so that energy use is more efficient for the future.

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