20 Tips for Buying a New Car for Beginners

20 Tips for Buying a New Car for Beginners

How To Choose The Right New Car For You To Buy

If you’ve been dreaming of buying a new car but are still having trouble buying it, don’t worry. It turns out that there are many effective tips for buying a new car, especially for those of you who are buying your first car, aka you are still a beginner.

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The Future of Driving

When you live in a city and need transportation every day to go to and from work, of course there are 2 alternatives, namely public transportation or private cars.

Vehicles are really needed, apart from protecting you from the hot sun, they can also protect you from heavy rain.
Private cars themselves can be obtained with 2 alternatives, namely new cars and used cars. It is true that many prefer to buy a new car because the quality is guaranteed and it minimizes fraud.

But the drawback is of course the price is much more expensive than a used car. But not all understand about cars and buy the wrong car. In the end, it couldn’t be replaced because when it was sold, the price had dropped a lot.

If you are also a beginner in buying a new car, don’t worry. Through this article, 20 effective tips for buying a new car for beginners will be given.

20 Tips for Buying a New Car for Beginners

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1. Be Careful in Choosing a Vehicle

Many people end up with the wrong car because they don’t check the specifications thoroughly.

Usually beginners when buying a car just check the body and engine, or maybe they’re just tempted by the cheap price.

In fact, usually the price is a fairly strong indicator of quality. So, to prevent this, here are some tips for choosing a vehicle:

  • Choose the type according to your needs (city car, SUV, family car, etc.)
  • What are the specifications and quality like? Has it just been launched or has its quality been proven in the market?
  • Is the price commensurate with the quality? Is there another, more suitable alternative?
  • And Is the price within your financial capabilities?
  • Also pay attention to the costs of service and spare parts, taxes, and others.

Don’t let carelessness make you big regret, because car prices are not cheap. At least hundreds of millions of rupiah are needed for this type of vehicle.

2. Who Is the Vehicle For?

The second question you need to ask yourself before deciding to choose a car is “Who is the vehicle intended for?”

For example, if you are still single, of course you need a different vehicle from those who are already married. For example, family cars are usually wider.

3. Prioritize Safety and Convenience

If you have a family, of course a vehicle is not only limited to protecting yourself from the rain and sun. The selected vehicle must be proven safe and comfortable.

For example, a car must be able to accommodate the number of passengers and luggage normally carried.

Some of the main characteristics of multi-function vehicles that are often used as family cars include the following:

  • Large passenger capacity.
  • Spacious cabin size.
  • Comfortable, safe and functional for families.
  • There is an entertainment (radio or TV) feature for your baby.

4. Fuel Consumption (Economical or Not Car)

To be honest, of course fuel is one of the main burdens in owning a vehicle.

How come? The cost of fuel is increasing more and more, coupled with the traffic jams lately, of course, the use of fuel is even more wasteful.

Thus, it is important to check the fuel consumption of a car before you decide to buy it.

It’s true that a car with great power definitely requires more fuel, but check your needs again. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a super-powered car even though the power requirement is not really needed.

5. Choose a Good Design

Apart from its function, the car must also be beautiful to look at. But usually people’s tastes about vehicles are indeed different. Some like the elegant and luxurious type, some like the cute and compact design.

For those of you who are still confused about what kind of vehicle is right for you, try asking again what type of person you are. Also consider that the design of the car chosen is quite common, so that it can then be sold again at a fairly high price.

6. Has Security and Safety Features

It doesn’t matter who the car is used for, alone or with family, of course security and safety come first. No parent wants their child to have an accident right?

Thus, you should check some driving safety features as follows:

  • Features Dual SRS Airbags (two Supplementary Restraint System Airbags and Driver’s Knee Airbag)
  • Equipment seat belt
  • The auto-lock feature so that children cannot open doors or windows carelessly
  • Brake features (Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD))

With complete and guaranteed safety and security features, you can drive with your family without worry and fear.

7. If Credit, Find a Low Down Payment

A car is classified as an expensive necessity. The price is usually in the hundreds of millions of rupiah, but it is not uncommon for cars to be worth billions of rupiah.

For this reason, a Motor Vehicle Loan (KKB) product emerged to facilitate those whose income is still limited.

Well, but unfortunately car loans also require a down payment that must be paid at the start of the loan.

Thus, always check your financial capabilities first and choose a car with a down payment that makes sense. Don’t let you increase your debt to pay for credit advances.

8. Choose a Stable Selling Price

Vehicles are usually different from houses, where their lifespan is not too long. Vehicles are generally used for 5 to 10 years. But not infrequently those who replace their car in just 2-3 years.

Cars can experience a price reduction of up to 50% when the status is a used car. Therefore, it is highly recommended to look for a public car with a high enough selling price so you can minimize future losses.

A stable selling price also means that cars are commonly used and are sought after by many people, making it easier for you to offer used cars.

9. Look for Easy to Find Official Workshops

Certain vehicles, perhaps due to the small number of enthusiasts, result in a small number of official workshops.

So, if you choose a car, also consider the ease of reaching the official repair shop. Because you certainly don’t want to be in trouble when things are urgent, for example a car breaks down or the engine breaks down.

With so many official workshops, it’s also easier for you to reach them in a pinch. In addition, an official repair shop is certainly safer than an ordinary repair shop which is not necessarily guaranteed.

10. Look for Spare Parts that are easy to obtain

In choosing the type of car, one must also pay attention to the ease of finding its spare parts. This aims to anticipate if one day there is damage to the spare part of the car we drive.

Spare parts which are common are usually easy to find, so the vehicle repair process can also be carried out immediately. Meanwhile, foreign Spare Parts which are difficult to find will result in delays in the repair process.

In addition, it is advisable to always choose a vehicle that has original spare parts so that the vehicle is more well maintained and maintained in the long term.

11. Adequate Capacity

As explained in the previous point, when buying a vehicle you must determine who the vehicle is intended for.

Thus, you can buy a vehicle with sufficient capacity for the number of passengers. Especially if you are a young family, plan in advance how much capacity will be needed in the future.

12. Payment Types

If you really plan to use the car in the long term and are not easily tempted by the new models that are being showcased, then you should buy on credit.

You can also buy in cash if the funds are available. Why, because credit does not mean you are incapable, but shows how to manage your money.

Don’t push yourself if your finances are not enough, and credit is legitimate to use if needed. Thus daily life is not burdened and can be carried out normally.

13. Determining Specifications and Completeness

For those of you who want to buy a car, especially for beginners, the most important thing is that you have to know the shape of the model and its accessories.

This is one way to find out what you will need can be fulfilled or not. For example, usually when buying a car it is not equipped with carpet and window film, even though these two accessories require quite a bit of money you know!

Therefore, always ask what kind of equipment you get and negotiate so that you can get lots of additional equipment for free.

14. Set a Budget

Currently, the average price of a common car is around 200 million rupiah. Does this price suit your budget and financial condition?

It’s true that you can use a credit system, but don’t forget that there are additional costs in the form of relatively high interest.

Not to mention the additional costs that have been explained previously, such as fuel costs and service fees. Have you ever counted the total of all those costs?

Even though it seems natural for those of you who work in big cities to have a private car, you need to look again at your financial condition.

If you feel that the price of a car and all the additional costs are too much, then you should not push yourself because a car is not a primary human need.

Usually if you insist, the bank or leasing uses a ratio to measure the financial ability of the prospective debtor, which is called the debt ratio. Debt ratio is a comparison between monthly income and ongoing credit installments.

The debt ratio determined by the lender usually does not exceed 20% to a maximum of 30%, this is done to anticipate bad credit.

Why is the bigger the debt ratio, the worse it is? Because if the ratio is more inclined to debt, then you can be sure that you will find it difficult to make ends meet.

For example, when you want to buy a car with an installment amount of IDR 5 million and want a debt ratio below 20%, don’t try to force yourself to buy a car if your income is less than IDR 25 million.

15. Don’t Forget Sales Tax and Annual Tax

If you already know the model and price that suits your needs, then you should also pay attention to the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods and the annual tax for the vehicle.

Do not let you forget and later confused to pay the tax. In other words, when buying a car, it is not only the price of the car that must be considered, but also other costs that may arise.

16. Choosing a Trusted Financing Institution

If indeed you decide to buy a car by credit, another thing that needs to be considered is the credibility of the financing institution. Because the demand is getting higher, now there are many irresponsible parties offering car loans, but not all of them can be trusted.

There are still many financial institutions that commit fraud, where when you have paid the down payment, but the car does not come. Why? Because the money was taken away.

Therefore, always choose a trusted financing institution. Don’t trust too much if someone offers you a 0% interest rate, because every place has different prices.

Do a price comparison from place A to place B to make a decision. You can then make a decision through this comparison process.

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17. Choose Credit with Low Interest Rates

Apart from choosing a low down payment when financially constrained, it is also important to choose credit with low interest rates. Remember that interest is usually quite heavy, because it has to be paid until the credit is paid off.

High interest rates mean that your long-term burden is also getting bigger. Therefore, always compare one financial institution with another to choose low interest rates.


18. Consider Whether There Is Insurance

If you want to buy a car by credit or installments, you should first ask whether you have obtained vehicle insurance or not.

If so, do a review of the insurance policy to find out the scope of services provided. Upgrade the policy if needed, so you don’t feel a loss later.

19. Doing a Vehicle Test

If you want driving experience before buying a car, then you can do a vehicle test or test drive. Ask the dealer to do a test drive so you are even more sure about your decision.

This test drive is very important because you can experience firsthand how to drive your dream car, then how it fits your expectations.

So, don’t be shy about asking for a vehicle test or test drive when you want to buy a car!


20. Check the Features for Your Baby

If you already have children, of course you also need to consider their safety and comfort while driving.

A good family car should provide features to support and make it easier for parents to drive their children.

What features are you talking about? Some examples are as follows:

  • Isofix feature (carseat hook for toddlers)
  • The feature child lock or auto lock  (so that children cannot open doors and windows carelessly)
  • The feature side air bags (for the safety of passengers in the back seat)
  • Double blower feature (additional air conditioning for rear passengers)

Not Wrong Choosing a Car

How, has this article given you an idea of ​​what your dream car needs? In conclusion, the decision is entirely yours, but you should consider some of the above when buying a car.

If this article was useful, then it’s a shame if your office friends who are also considering buying a new car can’t get this kind of helpful information.

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