Biography and Age of Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Player

Biography and Age of Stephen Curry

How Old is Stephen Curry Now?

Biography and Age of Stephen Curry is interesting information to review. How could I not, as an NBA star his name is loved by fans all over the world. Especially the DubNation, nicknamed Golden State Warriors fans.

As a point guard for the Golden State Warriors, he is known for his good ball handling skills. No wonder he was dubbed the best scorer of three points. Throughout his career in the NBA, Stephen Curry has won 2 MVP titles and 4 NBA championship rings.

To answer fans’ curiosity about the personal life of this NBA star. Reporting from several sources, here we will review Stephen Curry’s biodata and Religion;

Biography and Age of Stephen Curry

Wardell Stephen Curry is a professional basketball player from America who was born on March 14, 1988. Stephen Curry has a height of 191 cm and is also known to have good ball handling abilities.

Regarding religion, Stephen Curry is known to adhere to Christianity. It is known that he makes Christmas With the Currys celebrations in every Christmas moment celebration.

Stephen Curry has just managed to lead the Golden State Warriors squad to become the NBA Champion in 2022. Apart from successfully bringing his squad to the 2022 NBA championship, he also won the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP title.

The Warriors’ mainstay point guard is the son of Sonya Adams and Dell Curry. His father is a former professional basketball star, it’s no wonder Stephen Curry has loved basketball since he was a child.

Since he was still in elementary school, Curry has started practicing playing basketball and learning what are his weaknesses and immediately overcome them. This is what makes Curry experience rapid development in practicing basketball.

Stephen Curry Age and Biography

After graduating from elementary school, Curry increasingly focused on the field of basketball that he loved. He was also lined up as the leader of his school’s basketball team and brought his school’s name to several matches.

His journey in playing basketball was increasingly glorious, his name in the world of basketball began to shine. The peak was when Curry decided to join the Golden State Warriors in 2009.

As a professional basketball player with a classy record of achievement, he never forgets his education. The year he joined the Warriors, at that time Curry continued his education at Davidson College.

But his education stopped midway. After 13 years, Curry decided to complete the education he had started at that time. Curry has now completed his last semester of spring courses at Davidson College with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Sociology in May 2022.

Curry is currently married after marrying his girlfriend in 2011, Ayesha Alexander. Currently, his small family is blessed with three children who are the encouragement for his steps as a basketball player.

This is information about Stephen Curry’s biodata and Religion. Hopefully this information can add insight to loyal ozeku readers.

Steph Curry Disappointed Warriors Defeated Grizzlies

The Golden State Warriors lost again on the road. Visiting the Memphis Grizzlies headquarters, Steph Curry et al lost with a score of 110-131.

In the match at the FedEx Arena, Friday (10/3) afternoon WIB, Tyus Jones became a star for the Grizzlies by scoring 22 points and 11 assists, Jaren Jackson Jr. added 21 points and nine rebounds. Desmond Bane also added by scoring 21 points.

From the Warriors side, Steph Curry contributed 29 points and seven rebounds. Followed by Jordan Poole who contributed 22 points, Draymond Green added 16 points and seven assists and Klay Thompson collected 14 points.

As is well known, the Grizzlies played their third game without mainstay star Ja Morant. The young guard was forced away from the team after posting a video last weekend in which he appears to be showing off his guns at a Denver-area strip club.

The Grizzlies have announced Morant will miss at least the next three games. The loss, the Warriors’ third straight, was also Golden State’s eighth straight road loss. They have scored 7 wins and suffered 26 losses on the road this season. Curry, who has tried hard, admitted that he was disappointed by the defeat his team had suffered.

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