How to Breed ffidyll in My Singing Monster Game

How to Breed ffidyll in My Singing Monster Game

What is My Singing Monster?

How to Breed ffidyll in My Singing Monster Game

My Singing Monster is a type of online game where you have to breed monsters like Ffidyll and others. This online game that you can play via Android and also the computer was developed from 2012 by the game company Big Blue Bubble. This game, which is available on Steam, also has many players.

This game requires you to breed various types of monsters that you can combine to become one of the newest types of monsters. You have to breed these monsters through music and these monsters can generate money that you can use to do decorations, build structures, buy food for monsters to level up and more.

Players are asked to collect currency that is useful for other important things. Players who will determine the perfection of the island he has by choosing the right monsters to increase their currency income and make good decoration designs.

How to Breed Ffidyll Monsters

If you want to have a lot of currency to do island decorations that you have. All you have to do is breed the monsters you have. You also have to feed it and also combine monsters to get new monsters. Therefore you have to be more selective in choosing the right monster for you to breed.

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