Synopsis The Strays 2023 NETFLIX Film, A Mother’s Betrayal

Synopsis The Strays 2023 NETFLIX Film

A Woman Who Doesn’t Accept Her Own Race

Have you watched The Strays Movie? If you have and do not understand the intent of the storyline, let’s solve it together. Actually, the key to all the problems in The Strays movie from start to finish are in the first and last scenes. At the beginning of our show, a black woman named Cheryl is shown who is annoyed and complains about her life, which feels ostracized.

Cheryl, who is bored with her life like that, has the intention to leave the house and leave everything including her family. Cheryl also took all the money in the house including her husband’s money and just left leaving a note. At the beginning of the conversation where Cheryl said that she felt unappreciated and she shouldn’t be in this position now. He also said that he earned the credit that he should be in a better place.

However, if you pay attention to the words of someone on the phone you will understand. Cheryl is a woman who is easily depressed when faced with trivial problems. She also often spends money using a credit card with her husband. And also he was someone who was overlying towards his own race which was not what he thought it was.

Synopsis The Strays 2023 NETFLIX Film

Go Away To Live A New Life With A New Family

IN the next episode we show that Cheryl already has a new name Neve and a new look. She is also married to a white man and has two children, Sebastian and Mary. Long story short, Neve, who already has a different life, lives in a large, complete and comfortable house like a rich family’s house. He also associated with white people around his life and has the position of a vice principal.

When he was driving his car home from home, he had an accident because he saw in the rearview mirror of a car that a black man was following his car. When he told his husband about it, Ian also said that Ian hired a young black woman named Abigail.

At night we are shown that Neve uses wigs or wigs in her daily life. Her husband also said that he liked Neve’s old hair better, but Neve said it was just maintenance. The next day she saw Sebastian talking to a black man and Neve panicked and got angry and immediately called Sebastian. He also saw his son leaving school for the forest and caught Sebastian smoking. Neve reported this to the principal and asked to fire the janitor.

Long story short Neve throws a party at her house inviting lots of people. However, we can note here that all the people who were invited were white people. This is also a sign that Neve is anti-black. Here is the initial scene of all the problems when two black people, namely Carl and Abigail, come to Neve’s party. Seeing a pair of men and women coming to the party, he immediately approached and shouted that they were not invited and kicked him out. However, to their surprise the two of them called Neve a mother.

Neve and Cheryl’s Real Characters Revealed

In the next scene, we are shown before the incident where Carl and Abi come and rent a hotel. Long story short they look like they have their own goals to prepare for the big thing they want to do. They try to get to know and get close to Neve’s children and teach bad things to Sebastian and Mary.

Long story short, when everything was revealed, Neve explained to her family the past she had experienced. Neve accused her children of being raised by her evil husband, why did she leave her family. Ian and his two children wondered why Neve could be so heartless. After that, Neve also tried to bribe Carl and Abi with £20,000 to leave their family.

When night falls Carl and Abi break into their house and kidnap Neve’s family in their own house. We will see a scene where Carl and Abi are like professionals as robbers and killers. They rounded up Neve’s family and intimidated her. Long story short, Ian died at the hands of Carl because he was unable to lift heavy weights.

This is where Neve’s true character is revealed, Neve saw that Ian was dead and he also saw an opportunity to get away from a food delivery man. Neve held her purse and red jacket, she paused to look in the mirror and then just left everything. Hearing his mother leave we could see the expressions of these four people. Sebastian and Mary were surprised and confused, but Carl and Abi looked like they felt something normal and they had experienced it before.

Conclusion From The Strays Movie NETFLIX

Cheryl and Neve’s character has a character where she can’t overcome the problems that are in front of her. He prefers to run away from his problems and his family rather than face them alone. At first we thought that Cheryl’s two children, Carl and Abi, were psychopaths. However, when we see the final scene, everything is answered how they both felt when their mother left them when they were little just because of trivial things.

How do you think about this explanation from The Strays Movie? who is the real villain in this movie? Carl and Abi or Cheryl the biological mother who left them when they were little?

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