7 Best Vacation Spots With Beautiful View in Indonesia

What are your plans for filling the Christmas and New Year holidays? You can visit the best vacation spots in Indonesia if you don’t have a plan yet. Many tourist attractions have started to relax regulations at this time so you can make it a tourist destination that is worth visiting.

The vast territory of Indonesia presents a very diverse natural landscape. Many tourist destinations can be your choice, starting from beaches, mountains, national parks, even underwater views. Just take a look at this article until it’s finished to see the best variety of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Recommended 7 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Want to explore the charm of tourist attractions in Indonesia for the Christmas and New Year holidays? Try visiting one of the tourist destinations below.

1. Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

7 Best Vacation Spot With Beautiful View in Indonesia

Try visiting the eastern region of Indonesia to enjoy the charming natural scenery. You can choose the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua which consist of four large islands: Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Batanta Island and Salawati Island. Be amazed by the aerial and underwater views of the Raja Ampat Islands.

2. Pulo Cinta, Gorontalo

7 Best Vacation Spot With Beautiful View in Indonesia

No need to travel to the Maldives because you can find beautiful beaches only in Gorontalo. Just visit Pulo Cinta which has a unique view. You will find houses built in a traditional style and clear sea water at this destination.

3. Highland Park Resort, West Java

7 Best Vacation Spot With Beautiful View in Indonesia

Want to enjoy a vacation in a closer area? Choose Highland Park Resort which is located in Bogor as your tourist destination. Highland Park Resort will provide a different experience because you will stay in an Apache or Mongolian style tent.

4. Oro-Oro Ombo, East Java

7 Best Vacation Spot With Beautiful View in Indonesia

Oro-Oro Ombo can be the right choice for those of you who like aesthetic views. The land is grown with the distinctive Brazilian verbena plant with the purple color of the petals. The location is close to Mount Semeru, so you can climb with friends at the same time.

5. Lake Kelimutu, East Nusa Tenggara

7 Best Vacation Spot With Beautiful View in Indonesia

East Nusa Tenggara also has beautiful natural scenery to visit. You can climb Mount Kelimutu to see Kelimutu Lake which is known as the Three Colors Lake. Try climbing in the morning so you can get a beautiful sunset view of Lake Kelimutu.

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6. Bunaken National Park, North Sulawesi

This tourist spot is ideal for those of you who like to enjoy underwater views. You can dive while looking at 390 types of coral reefs and mangrove forests which are home to many marine animals in this place.

7. Danau Koalin, Bangka Belitung

Who would have thought that a former mining site could become a beautiful tourist spot? You can find the evidence in Lake Kaolin which is full of views of white rocks. You’ll feel like you’re on holiday abroad in winter when you see the sights.


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