Tips How to Done Thesis Timely Event You Have a Job

Tips How to Done Thesis Timely Event You Have a Job

Thesis is the task of making scientific work as a requirement for graduation from the undergraduate program. How to done Thesis seems to have become a frightening specter among final year students, and it is this thesis that is one of the reasons older students don’t graduate because they are late in working on it, or working on their thesis for months or even years.

Actually, thesis can be done quickly as long as students continue to work on it and are diligent in giving guidance. By completing their thesis on time, students can graduate early and save on tuition fees.

But what about students who also work? Is there also an opportunity to work on my thesis on time? Seeing the limited time that students have while studying while working, of course there is.

If you are a working student, you should listen to the following tips for completing your thesis on time so that there are no delays while working on it.

1. Intentions

In all matters, intention is the main foundation. Intention is very important because it is a determining factor for someone to actually do what is intended. Not just mere words but there is an action (action) to achieve it.

If the student has no intention of working on or completing it, it is not certain that the thesis will be completed on time. Intention also affects commitment, where someone who has committed to do the work, no matter how difficult the obstacles, will still be done.

One thing you can do if you lose motivation is to remember what your reasons were when you chose to go to college.

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2. Diligently Do Guidance

This is one of the things that is quite difficult for those who have half-hearted intentions in working on their thesis. For those of you who are students, you must be committed to continuing to work on your thesis, whoever your supervisor is.

You have to take time for guidance no matter how busy it is. Usually tutoring hours are not the same as hours when you do lecture activities. For that you have to be smart in managing time so you can keep working and also guidance.

Whatever the lecturer corrects, such as thesis topics, spelling, and others, stay calm and follow his directions. Don’t because you are scolded later don’t come to do guidance. No matter what happens you must do the guidance!

3. Working on Thesis

Doing guidance must be balanced with doing. You must work on your thesis according to the guidance and direction of your supervisor. During guidance, you must really listen to the lecturer’s directions so that when working on it, mistakes can be minimized. The thesis work must be done consistently so that the work process can run smoothly.

4. Time Management

From the three tips above, you should be able to manage time to be able to do guidance, work, work and don’t forget to take care of your health, because if you are sick, the thesis will take longer to complete.

as much as possible do not stay up late. But if you can’t then don’t do it too often because it can make your body sick. As much as possible reduce mistakes when working on it so that it doesn’t take too long to do it.

5. Choose topics that suit your interests and work

Choosing a thesis topic that matches your interests can help motivate you during the process of writing your thesis. When choosing a topic that you are really interested in, you will feel happy to do your research and gather the necessary data. The more interested you are in the topic, the easier it will be for you to complete assignments and produce quality work.

In addition, you can also choose topics that are continuous with your work. For example, if you study informatics engineering and work in office administration, you can choose a topic regarding document automation systems.


6. Choosing the Right Study Program

The right college program really helps you graduate on time. Many universities provide employee lecture programs and online lectures. By choosing the right college program, your study time and work will not be too overwhelming when managing your study time, including when working on your thesis.

If you just want to decide to go to college while working, choosing the right college is also very important. Not only choose a university that can study while working, but choose a university that is oriented towards the world of work and really supports students who study while working. One of them is STEKOM University.

STEKOM University is a campus that is consistent in offering formal higher education solutions for the lower middle class, especially for those who want to work while studying. Apart from providing employee & executive class lecture programs (full online), the lecture process is also designed to be flexible with the busy lives of the majority of students.

By choosing a campus where the majority of students study while working, the campus environment will make it very easy for you to graduate. Like, fewer assignments, an uncomplicated guidance process, flexible lecture times, and many others.

Those are the tips for overcoming anti-delay thesis that you can apply. Do as much as possible as soon as possible so that you can graduate on time or even faster. Don’t do a lot of unimportant things to get useful free time. Working students also have the same opportunity to graduate on time or sooner. tips how to done thesis

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